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Never forget to check traffic again. Get a scheduled traffic report in your inbox, so you'll know before you go.

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Custom drive time traffic reports delivered to your inbox.

Never forget to check traffic again

Often we see traffic issues too late to make route or timing adjustments to our commutes.

If you're like us and working hard at the end of the day, you often forget to check traffic conditions before leaving the office. Instead, have traffic reports delivered to your inbox both as a reminder to pack up and to ensure you don't get stuck in traffic.

Setup couldn't be easier
  1. Add one or more location pairs.
  2. Set an email address.
  3. Choose a delivery time.

Why aren’t red traffic lights heart-shaped? Probably because it’s not like rush hour can get any more romantic.

Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE

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We're two Rails developers, Brit and Charles, who love to avoid grid lock whenever possible. Feel free to tweet at us to say hi.